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I apologize if this topic has been discussed before. I will be driving down on 3/1 and wanted to start getting all my documents ready.  I have read that the only document that I may need apostilles would be  my birth certificate which can be apostilles at my state Secretary office.  However, I seem to recall reading that other documents such as my pension and bank statement and other documents should also be apostilled.  Can anyone please let me know all documents that will need to be apostilled and if there can all.be done in the States? Really appreciate any help!

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The apostille for any US document must be done by the secretary of state where the document was issued. It can't be "done" in Mexico: you still have to provide the originals, send with return, traceable mail envelope enclosed, and the application and fee. I've never heard of any consulate requiring apostilles of bank statements; they ask for "originals" (as in not computer-generated, and computer-doctored copies.) At some point you may need an apostilled birth certificate and marriage license, but that was not our case for anything so far.


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My office apostilles documents from the US and England.  We know most state policies about what documents are accepted and which are rejected.  They can take 2 days to 3 weeks to apostille.  We translate them as well.  

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