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EXCELLENT auto body repair!


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BIG shout-out to Robert's body work and painting shop in Riberas!

After TWO ''hit-and-runs,'' I needed body work completed on both sides my 2016 Cross Fox. Driver's side had extensive damage to the quarter panel, with deep scratches all the way down the length of the car. Passenger's side rear door was badly damaged in a previous hit and run. My car was beginning to look like it had been through a war zone. Time for repairs!  I wish I had taken before and after pictures, but I didn't. :(  (

I visited four repair shops Lakeside for estimates.The estimates I received for the exact same repair work to both sides of my car ranged from 28,000 pesos to 34,000 pesos.   I had all the work completed at Robert's for less than HALF the lowest estimate. I picked up my car on Saturday, and am absolutely thrilled with the expert repairs and painting.  If you need body work done, tuck this business card away.


Next time I back into a light pole (yeah, a regular thing in my spatially challenged life) they'll get my business. :)

Body work business cards.jpg

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About two week in total for me at Robert's. I tried the other place nearby (on the same side as Robert's) but they did a lousy job also. I used one in West Ajijic near Casa de Waffle several times and found they do much better work.  

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We drove an Ontario plated car back to Canada to sell it. The gentleman who bought the car a Honda suv noted that my Jack was missing? Go figure, 5400± km later! The gods of Mexico where with us, the jack not. A lesson without consequence?

We have had great success with the body shop just West of Nomad on the Mnt Side of Hidalgo. 2 Brothers own it & do all the work with a small experienced staff. 

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