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Ontario Forest Fires


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I know that this web board is about Lakeside, but Lakesiders should know that Ontario is experiencing an unusually high number of forest fires this summer.

Mexico has sent 20 - five man fire crews to assist other out of province firefighters.

With 28 fires out of control, Ontario gets help from U.S., Mexico, other provinces

Gracias y Viva Mexico....

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Well, I am from Ontario, raised in area that the fires are approaching right now and say a big Thank You to all who help.  Lots of family and friends who are very scared and concerned.

And, have never known anyone in Ontario or anywhere in Canada who has had a problem saying thank you to any country that sends aid...just saying...

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Why why why...does there always have to be someone to digress from the issue....and make a negative comment...as people who LOVE Mexico and Mexicans...and have lived part time for many years...we are grateful to their help at this time...that was the point in Oatsie's comment!!!!      As Canadians we are grateful...but in the present hateful political climate created by dt towards Cnds. it is difficult to feel warm and fuzzy towards them...but grateful we are.   Geesh...........

Again....VIVA Mexico!!!               Gracias                            

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