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Ice and sleet

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I saw several folks from the greater Chapala area who were in total shock by the amount of hail there was and the damage apparently reaching over the hill and down into Ixtlahuacan as well. Where did I meet them? On the square in Ajijic for breakfast. And as I posted above, some of the folks seemed to be in shock as they explained the damage. Apparently, the noise on the roof or glass windows in the roof was deafening, and really scary.

Here in Ajijic, it was another night of not too intense rain, some thunder, but nothing scary. It is amazing how much the weather can change by going a few streets or in this case 10 Km away

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We live in Brisas de Chapala where phil in mexico lives. We sustained a huge amount of damage last night. The membrane and tiles on our roof cracked and, of course leaked, concrete came off in places on our entryway arch, trees and plants stripped of leaves and broken branches, pots broken and paint chipped in places on our house. Phone service was out for a little over 12 hours. Tonight's storm, not so bad...so far.


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