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Ranch Dog & Puppy Adoption Day this Saturday - 21 July

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Here is this week’s lineup:
Large pups and young dogs on leashes:

Michelle is a one year old probably Lab Setter mix. She is black with a striking white chest and feathered tail. Need a companion for walks through the Village? Come and meet our lovely Michelle.


Pip is a 4 month old puppy with most unusual markings. She has perhaps a bit of Cattle Dog for the spots with brown and black face patches just to make her look cute. Pip is a happy, high energy girl.


Chrystal is a white and gray PLT (Poodle Like Thing) who arrived at the Ranch with a badly matted coat and several puppies in tow. We think she cleaned up nice and she’s now a lovely small medium sized charmer ready for new adventures with you. Laps necessary.


Fur-Ghee is a one year old large medium dog who appears to be purebred MSD (Mexican Street Dog) with maybe a bit of Shepherd thrown in. Walks, hikes, romps by the lake? Fur-Ghee would love to go along.


Puppies in big puppy pen


Puppies in small puppy pen


All our Ranch dogs are neutered, current on their 6 way shots and rabies. Puppies have had some shots and been wormed, but most are not yet altered. We will pay for altering when they are old enough. There is no charge for adoption, but donations are gratefully accepted. For photos and pictures of our other dogs please see our Webpage:

ADPROMO SAT 750-21jul-1.jpg

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