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Purple Garlic Pizza Brothers in Ajijic

Bisbee Gal

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A friend offered to pick us up at our casa and drive us to the Pizza place. She'd be a heroine, drop us off near the door and go get parking.  I'd been wanting to try it, so I readily agreed.  Yes, parking is next to impossible.  She found a spot far away. 

Now, about the pizza:  Excellent crust; good cheese and ingredients.  Our friend had one with several meats; we just had pepperoni.  This pizza, overall, is a winner.  The waiter did his job well and we'll be back...that is, on the telephone ordering delivery through the service they use.😉

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Too much work for me.  Parking for inside service not acceptable. Tried to order a pizza but they DO NOT deliver.  Phoned the delivery service who said their charge was 50 pesos.   The pizza was 200 pesos so with a tip of 20 pesos it was 270 pesos for a 12” pizza.  So phoned perry’s, mj closed Sunday, and delivery pizza and tip was 200 pesos and a larger pizza.   Bottom line is this purple garlic will not be a likely choice in the foreseeable future.

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I think the most important factor is the pizza itself, and IMHO, Perry's can't begin to compare with the Purple Garlic etc., pizza.  YMMV.   Of course I wish the parking situation was better, but the ingredients are top quality, so I'll take it over any of the other local pizza places.  The sourdough pizza at the place next door to Ancla is good, but that crust is a chewing challenge.😉

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I've been buying a 16 inch pepperoni pizza for 200 pesos. Ordered 6 of their meatball subs for sunday family dinner and they were a hit. Next time I'll ask for a little more sauce. They said once I have ordered  ten, I get one free.


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