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Bird Feeder, where to find locally

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Seems the sparrows have found our tiny glass bowl with bird seed so I'd like to purchase a bird feeder to accommodate the masses, LOL.  Anyone know where, locally, I can find a basic bird feeder?

Many thanks,

Val Jones  :)

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Great, thanks!  We had to give up on our hummingbird feeders several years ago.  The bees would take over and it was just miserable to try to even go into our garden.  Our little male Chihuahua got stung when walking down the sidewalk about 10 feet from one of the feeders.  The bees just go into a frenzy, gunk up the feeder(s) and even the hummingbirds can't drink.  We bought the expensive feeders that are supposed to keep bees away but that was a waste of money.  :(  Anyway, now that the other birds seem to be enjoying the seed out on the ledge, we'd like to provide a better option for them.

We'll check out these stores and hopefully, find success.  Thanks for the help and info.

Valerie   :)

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