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June 5th 4:00 PM at Lake Chapala Society HQ.   Town Hall meeting on Ilox High Speed Fiber Internet Services.   All are welcome to attend!

See attached. 


iLOX LCSsm.jpg

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Received this e-mail from Nelly at Ajijic Realty (opposite Tango) today... btw, "duds" is "doubts" as in "dudas".

Hello Everyone,


Just for let you know that Ilox is still working on getting new clients for the initial step and start with the project of internet through optical fiber, telephone and television with the best quality, we are very close to get the goal of subscribers!! 


If you know some person that can be interested in that new option for internet, telephone and television, tell it that they can come with me and i can give them more information about the service... 


If you have any question or duds, let me know by email, telephone or visit me in Ajijic Real Estate!


Best Regards,



Saludos cordiales,



Ajijic Real Estate

Ph: 01 (376) 766 2077


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Yes many people there have signed up...Steve Bremer has been coordinating all that there.  Let me know if you want his contact data. 

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Just received this email from ILOX:

Estimado residente de la zona Jocotepec y Chapala, Ilox Telecomunicaciones se congratula en informarle

que el proyecto de construccion de red de fibra optica en su zona es un hecho e iniciara  con las instalaciones

a finales del presente mes para poder brindarle los servicios contratados.

Dear resident of the Jocotepec and Chapala area, Ilox Telecomunicaciones is pleased to inform you
that the fiber optic network construction project in your area is a fact and will start with the facilities
at the end of this month to be able to provide the contracted services.

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