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used water pumps

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I finally got my plumbing situation fixed :P ( thank you Chapala.com for your help) BUT was left with  TWO water pumps that the GOOD plumbers replaced with a high powered new system. Does anyone know where I can sell these used pumps? I cannot carry them- only have a golf cart but I  do have photos.  


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The important thing is we all meant to smile when we posted what we did. The fault is not with all of the multi-posts made by all kinds of posters like you  but the fact that the software takes so long to react once someone tries to post a message

I sure hope that those in charge choose to fix the problem. Because I love posting here when things are working.

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2 hours ago, Joyinmexico said:

Found it! Perhaps if someone TOLD ME to click on  "OPTIONS"   & then the delete  "option" will come up I would have found it!  Thanks, multiple posts will not happen again. 

Actually I believe Gringal posted exactly that on one of the multiple posts.  But, I think mulitiple posts has happened to others as well.  Just depends on the speed of the computer .

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