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Lost Grey Poodle/Please help find

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Urgent - lost dog - chapala haciendas - got out on Ruisinor street Thursday Morning March 15th - med size grey poodle - collar with name tag and bell - owner is frantic - please, if you see her message me or call 01-045-331-419-4196

Please share... we lost this little dog in Chapala Haciendas 2, there's no sign of her and no one saw her walking on the streets, her name is Cali, French poodle medium, grey color, bring identification plate and a bell, There's a reward of $ 5000 pesos

Por favor compartan... perdimos a esta perrita en Chapala Haciendas 2, no Image may contain: dog and indoorhay rastro de ella y nadie la vió andando en las calles, se llama Cali, French poodle mediana, color gris, trae placa de identificación y un cascabel, hay recompensa de $5000 pesos ....Image may contain: people sitting, dog, table and indoor

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2 hours ago, MtnMama said:

Tell them to put up signs, notify the office and make sure the maintenance guys know about it. Also post to the Chapala Haciendas Vacinos Group. Almost certainly someone has "rescued" the dog and plans to keep it if no one find out.

Yes to the above, but be sure RECOMPENSA $5,000 PESOS  is the largest thing on the poster or sign.

It should almost guarantee safe return of this baby.  Good luck!

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On the poster as well, would add that she is spayed .. so no one gets the idea about keeping her for breeding.

If there are kids in the area tell them ..[ not sure about H.C. ]  kids see everything. ..

stop the garbage men - hand  them   a flyer.. , delivery folks, etc..  and  gardeners.. they also see everything.

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If people reading this could post on their social media, that would be wonderful.   Due to such efforts many others have been found in the past weeks, and that would be so wonderful if this dog were also returned home.  Thank you!

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