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I recently received a flyer in English & Spanish regarding a new acupuncturist in Riberas, named Erick Jung from Korea.  Has anyone been to him?  What has been your experience?  I have had acupuncture since age 25 and went to Dr. Heredia for years but he passed away a couple years ago, sadly. 

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Hi all, i go to a fabulous man whose name is Kahm Rel. He has been practicing tradional Chinese medicine for 40 years. I take a slow moving meditation class from him and he is incredible. His wealth of knowledge is beyond words. He is an acupuncturist. I am going to start that soon. The difference in my health and mind in a couple short months is staggering. His address is 100 Calle del Rondo, in lower Chula Vista. His phone # is 331 353 0743. The people i know going to him for acupuncture now have all said they are extremely pleased. He also has a website named Zenbythelake. I also put in Zenbythelakeajijic. I think you may be suprisingly happy with your results based on my experience only and that of other people that i know that go to him for medicinal purposes or those of the classes he holds. If anyone wants to know of my personal experience you may pm me. Bonbelle

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