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Just read an interesting article in Washington post about an organization called  "Dementia Friends". It apparently started in Japan, and is now all over the world. I am trying to see if they are in Mexico - but no luck so far. This is an important issue in our community.




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40 minutes ago, modeeper said:

I think they are in Mexico but I can't remember.

JA ja -you that is one the first signs.

Actually, I just noticed this post under LCS, an area of this forum I never go to.


This Thurs., 24 Sept, from 11-1pm, in the LCS sala Karin Miles will reprise her Open Circle talk on

Making Friends w/dementia.

Then Keith Coates will share his 8 yr journey as a caregiver to someone w/dementia.

Also discussed will be how to choose a care home; our support groups for people

w/memory issues & one for caregivers.


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I am quite familiar with this illness. Any group which can help the family to deal with a loved one I am for it. With Dementia the brain literary loses mass. There is no magic pill. Just dignity, respect, and love.    

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[Researchers Find Ping-Pong Can Slow Effects of Dementia, Alzheimer’s | MyID Shop] is good,have a look at it! https://shop.getmyid.com/blogs/myid-dementia-community/researchers-find-ping-pong-can-slow-effects-of-dementia-alzheimer-s-


Group Description

A club in the Chapala area devoted to the game of Table Tennis. We meet every Monday / Wednesday / Friday at between the hours of 2:30 to 4:30. New members are welcome to join and play. A small monthly fee is required to pay for the facilities and tables.

Location Chula Vista Country Club, Calle Paseo del Golf 5, Fracc. Chula Vista, 45900 Chapala, Jal.


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Any conversation should start with "Tell me about where you grew up". They may not remember the present but they sure remember the past. Take it from there wherever it goes. And, don't forget, you may have to have the same starting point every day.

Music from their era is an important motivator. I watched my mother (and others in the group) doing chair exercises without music. They were bored out of their minds. I went to the nursing station and asked for "The Hokey Pokey" to be put on the speakers. Holy smokes! Everybody was out of their chairs and boogying the exercises even if they were still hanging on to the back of the chairs for support.

If they get irritated or frustrated or angry, change the subject dramatically......like, "OMG! Look at the beautiful bird in that tree". You can't reason with them logically. It's just easier to head in another direction.

They really aren't the parent you knew any more but it doesn't mean you should love them any less. The last time that I sat with my mother, she was dozing peacefully in her chair. And I was holding her hands and singing Al Jolson's "Mammy" to her. When I sang "I'd walk a million miles for one your smiles", she opened her eyes and gave me the last 1000 watt smile that I would ever see. A memory that I will treasure forever.


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I have experienced several family members and clients who have had dementia of one type or other.   To a person, they had a sense of humor until they couldn't.  Humor is a stress reliever and is very much needed in these circumstances.  Humor is also used as a coping mechanism for both the patients and their caregivers.  It's also used to tap down the fear that many of us live with ... That we may wake up some day and find that what we thought was just normal old age isn't.

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