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Stem Cell treatment


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I'd also be interested in hearing about the availability, costs, and prevalence of stem cell or PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections around the area. Might still be more of a Guadalajara thing. No problems that would currently warrant them, but give my neck and shoulder about 10 years...

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I received stem cell treatment to both knees from Dr Aceves last April.  It was a huge disaster resulting in intense inflammation, swelling and excruciating pain that was so severe, I had to be admitted to hospital twice.  From my personal experience  I would strongly advise against this procedure.  My knees took months to recover and are still giving me problems.

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Having knee pain in both knees and 1 ankle I recently went to see Dra Justina , her office is located just west of Dental Express.

She first recommend that I obtain xrays..which when ready I returned to her. We had a consultation and concluded that I was not a candidate for Stem Cells but I could possibly find improvement with Bovine/Plaques injections, at a cost of 1,000 pesos an injection.

There was no charge for the consultation or pressure..or in retrospect no "Claims" for success.

I elected to go for the BP treatment, receiving the "recommended"  4 injections into each knee and 3 into the ankle.

Sadly for me there was no improvement and if anything a slightly worsting on the right knee after the course of treatment.

Over the years I have received cortisone injections in the ankle and the improvement was immediate..but we all know the limits recommended for this treatment.

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