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9 minutes ago, SunFan said:

Hotel Real de Chapala, Thursday morning 9:00 AM

TelMex bigwigs will explain all the wonderful plans they have for fiber at Lakeside.

May I ask, what on-line materials advertise this event? And someone please post a detailed report after the fact.  

(It is for scenarios like this that I think it would be a good idea to have an 'interest group' represented by a web site to counteract the bad habits of the unaccountable caudillos of industry, and spread both the word and to coordinate best practices among users.)  

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The Telmex meeting did not come off. Total confusion. Hotel claimed they  didn't know about it. Some people had driven in from Joco. The reason is unclear but it's supposed to be rescheduled for next week.  The name to contact that finally ended up on the hotel bulletin board is Sylvia Galiado (Sp) 331 599 8612.


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I get a kick out of all you guys.

All the info has posted.

At this point, each of us should be able to make up our own mind without understanding why others have decided as they did.

I have decided what I will do.

You don't need to know something that should not be of concern to you.

To quote Rhett Butler: "Frankly,

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On 2/13/2018 at 4:57 PM, tkessler said:

Homeowners in private developments with underground ducts need to get together and figure out how to give them access.   Can you imagine how attractive Lakeside will be  with fiber optic Internet?

Thanks, Tom. I'm looking forward to a meeting with iLox folks to discuss the condo access issue. I'm on the investigation committee in our development. Once we get input from them, we'll look at further meeting(s) with our residents to see what interest there is and what can be done within our walls. Although I signed up to pledge back toward the beginning, I haven't received any email communication regarding a contract or anything. Should I be expecting something? Or are they waiting on condo residents to first determine if/how lines can be run?


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19 hours ago, barcelonaman said:

Am in the same situation as hkrause and 15mins ago recived an email from them about the problems for developments and a suggested contact.hopefully you got this as well.


Could you post the suggested contact so that all of us in developments can get some info on how to solve this problem

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Heres the email in full.

Buen día...

El tema de con los desarrollos es que en efecto deben tener disponible ductos para poder entrar nosotros
Si en los actuales  tienen:
CFE por que es peligroso para nuestro personal ya que son lineas electricas y tiene muchas veces agua dentro por filtraciones..
TELMEX porque somos ambos proveedores de servicios y se respeta lo de ellos es de ellos y lo nuestro es nuestros es una politica nacional.
Las posibles soluciones para ustedes y los fraccionamientos con casos similares  serian: 
1.- Usar la pared perimetral del fraccionamiento si la hubiera
2.- Buscar la forma area de llegar
3.- Usar azoteas continuas si las casas están una tras otra
4.- Crear un registro con un ducto disponible para que Ilox llegue y lo use...
Ocupan reunirse y revisar sus situaciones y buscar que alternativas son mas viables. 

Esta empresa a trabajado en conjunto con Ilox para el tema de registros, ductos etc... Ellos pueden ser tema de ayuda en las complejidades que se presentan en los desarrollos sin posteria de CFE.. 
Si quieren platicar con el y poder plantearle la problemática, aquí el punto es muy importante y ya esta bastante claro que como trabaja ILOX y que condiciones tiene que haber si no las hay no se podrá dar el servicio y me da gusto que ustedes estén interesados en resolver esos pequeños problemas..
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Courtesy of Google, a rough translation of b.mans' interesting posting above:


"The issue with developments is that in fact they must have available ducts to enter us   If in the current ones they have:  

CFE because it is dangerous for our staff because they are power lines and often have water inside due to leaks.  

TELMEX because we are both service providers and respecting theirs is theirs and ours is ours is a national policy.    

The possible solutions for you and the subdivisions with similar cases would be:  

1.- Use the perimeter wall of the fractionation if there is

2.- Search the area to arrive

3.- Use continuous roofs if the houses are one after another

4.- Create a registry with a duct available for Ilox to arrive and use it ...    

They are busy meeting and reviewing their situations and looking for alternatives that are more viable. This company has worked in conjunction with Ilox on the subject of registers, pipelines, etc ... They can be a help topic in the complexities that arise in CFE's unprocessed developments.     RMS ELECTROMECHANICAL ENGINEERING ING. JESUS MONTES CASTELLANOS   3313488300   If you want to talk with him and be able to raise the problem, here the point is very important and it is already quite clear that as ILOX works and what conditions there must be if there are no services can not be given and I am glad that you are interested in solving those small problems."


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SueFan, what part of town do you live? Near to Joco or elsewhere? Maybe they're working west to east?

I'm still waiting for my forms and when I receive them I'll spend time with a dictionary and Google Translate to make some sense of the wording.

Telmex and Telecable seem to get worse every day. It's hard to believe that's even possible but with no competition there is no compelling reason to improve service. I still believe this is an opportunity not only to get real high speed Internet, with some risk of course, but at the same time force the other actors to step up and improve service for those that choose not to invest in this venture.

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On ‎2‎/‎26‎/‎2018 at 5:59 PM, John Shrall said:

SueFan, what part of town do you live? Near to Joco or elsewhere? Maybe they're working west to east?


I'm in Chula Vista. Probably at the end of their build out.

I just paid my deposit at the Bank this morning. I sure hope we reach that 200 hurdle number. I'm desperate for an alternative to TelMex.


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47 minutes ago, John Shrall said:

Interesting. I'm in Las Salvias which is a lot closer but so far no communication from Ilox. 

These days Telmex, as bad as it is, shines compared to Telecable/Izzi.

Check your spam/junk folder. Mail with all the information of Ilox got sent arround february 12th
I think they sent them all together to all who were interested, I don't think they sent them depending of your location. It was a general mail with the information no matter where you are located.

After responding with the necessary documents they responded within a few hours with the contract and other info to complete the subscription.

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