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Darling dog to Good Home

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This little angel is looking for a good home. Below is the message Mary sent Lucky Dog: If interested email Mary at: maryeleekz@yahoo.com
"My husband and I found little Nikki on the streets several months ago. We fed her, we took her to the Vet and had all her vaccinations done, she was wormed, spayed and begin thriving on her daily diet of chicken and rice. She is an adorable little dog. We do not know what type of dog, but she is small and playful. She is white with tan ears and a fluffy tail. Our situation has changed drastically since we found her. My husband, 88, is now fighting cancer. He just underwent 3 surgeries all at once and is recuperating here at home. I am 78 with feet and leg problems. What seemed not to be very difficult in the beginning has now turned into a very difficult situation. As you know, taking care of someone who is ill is a full time job. Nikki loves her walks and it has gotten to where it is a real chore for me to do this for her. She is a very playful and loving little girl and I would like to know if you would take her in your adoption center and find her a good home."
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