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Nationalizing Truck/Trailer


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I am driving from Canada this March and will have to Nationalize my truck. ( I do have a permanante ) My truck is 8 years old

Can anyone recommend who use in the Laredo area?

Also thinking of bringing a trailer with some household items. Has anyone done this ? Any issues ?

I do know I will need a maneje de casa but I will also need a customs broker in the Laredo area, can anyone recommend one.

Or I will have to use Strom White if hauling a trailer is more pain then what it is worth.

Any input will be greatly appreciated.



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Before you even consider this option, you should contact a customs broker to determine if your truck is even eligible to be imported, and will be so at the time you plan to arrive at the border.  The age of importable vehicles is a moving target.  If the truck is a diesel, too large, or a dually, it is not likely to be eligible. 

A trailer would have to be your own, not a rental, and would also have to be imported formally.  The expenses involved may shock you, as will the hassle of getting the vehicles inspected in the capital, approved and plates issued.  Is your truck really that unique and “special“?  Keeping it will not save you money. 

Since you hold a Residente Permanente Visa, you might want to consider selling your vehicle in Canada and buying a replacement in Mexico.  It will more than pay for the flight down and the drive back to Canada with your Mexican vehicle, if you wish to pick up some goods. Other options would include taking, or sending goods to a USA border town storage facility, then picking them up later with your Mexican vehicle.

You may have missed your opportunity to use a menaje de casa, if it ever existed.

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RV, while I agree that it will be easier in some ways to have a Mexican-bought and plated vehicle, rather than importing, the price difference will not "more than pay for the flight down and the drive back to Canada". Had I been able to import my lovely Canadian-plated Japanese-made CRV when I became permanente, I would have done it in a heartbeat. As it was, I had to spend 8 days driving up to Canada ($2000 gas, tolls, accommodation, food- would be twice that to drive a Mexican vehicle up to Canada and then back) , then another $400 for a ticket back, paid my Mexican mechanic to go check out used cars with me, which took another full day, then another full day to change the registration over, ended up with a used Mexican-plated Ford Escape that had 100,000 more kilometers on it than the CRV and needed lots more work for the same price I was able to get for the CRV when I sold it in Canada. If I'd had to pay $3000-4000 to import the CRV, it would have been well worth it.

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Yes, that way would be costly, but I would skip several of those steps, and minimize the travel. Selling your truck in Canada and using a UHaul truck to the border might simplify matters. Then, you could pick up your stuff, or hire a mover from Laredo to Chapala. Buying a car in Mexico need not be complicated, time consuming, or necessitate a mechanic, etc., if you use a good dealership. They will attend to all details and deliver the car to your home.  Perhaps a friend would give you some help, if needed.

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For importation of household goods (as a non-commercial importer) into Mexico you would probably be better served using a Nuevo Laredo Broker.  I have found that it is very difficult to find a Laredo broker who wants to bother with private individuals.  This is who I have used recently to bring in a personal shipment of tools, equipment, car parts, etc..

Flores Molino Agencia Aduanal S.C.

Lerdo de Tejada #1006, Col. Centro

Nuevo Laredo , Tamaulipas  C.P. 88000

Contact: Angel Rojas y/o Lucila Lozano  Tel# (867) 713-6011  angel.rojas@floresmolina.com  (speaks fairly good English) 

They do personal (non-commercial) shipments at the Columbia crossing.


For drop shipments, they work with a freight forwarder in Laredo:

Forwarding International Traffic Services

821 Union Pacific Boulevard

San Isidro Industrial Park

Laredo, TX  78045

Contact: Edith Cruz y/o Bertha Escamilla  Tel# (956) 729-1111  edithcruz@fitstx.com

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Great, Ezzie..... and how about a bonded vehicle Broker to Nationalize a US vehicle at the border these days? Part of that process is to EXPORT it officially FROM the US. The Broker will facilitate this part also but the process can take up to 2 days as it is done by Customs (CBP). 




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It would have been better to be a temporary resident and if married one could be permanent resident.

2009 and 2010 and prices start at ~$2500 US. Trailers may not be possible.

The brokers are Enrique & Jose Bautistia.  Enrique has a Laredo office and speaks perfect English. 

Enrique Bautista email:  superimportaciones@yahoo.com

Also, enrique_bautista@yahoo.com

Enrique's phone is 956-722-6476.  Cell - 956-645-8073.


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I would like to thank everyone for their help.

As usual, there is always very helpful answers on this board.

I did have a price quoted to Nationalize my truck  $ 3350.00  , this is only one quote. I am hoping to find one closer to Sonia's dollar amount. ( Yes the truck is worth it )

 To RV Gringo's response,  using a U Haul  and having  a mover deliver the house hold goods to Ajijic is perfect, this solves a lot of problems.

Remember my wife has a Temporal, only I have the Permanante, which I think/hope will work to my advantage.

When my wife and I arrive in a few months......beer and tacos  are on me.

Thanks Again



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.... and you, as a Permanente, CAN also drive the vehicle without her in the it. It's the law!

If you/she does bring it in with a Temporary Import Permit (TIP), there will be a refundable deposit of $400 payable by credit card or cash. Also she will have to 'renew' the TIP annually when she renews her Temporal but that's no big deal. It is not 'automatic' so make sure Aduana (or whomever) knows about it annually.

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