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We had a goat cheese tasting at the bingo Jan 9th, we signed up for the goat farm tour on Jan 21 st 2018 in Mezcala, Mexico.

Two bingo players won it as a prize.

 We all met a car pooled we did the tour and it was fun the breakfast if assorted fruits, assorted  goats yogurts, goat milk  was delicious.

lunch also included.   The cleanest goat farm i ever been on. It a different and fun experience and well done


thank Juan Diego and Laura


here's info if you want to go on a Sunday goat farm tour


Galo de Allende Tour

By invitation on a Sunday. Must be a group of 12 persons. No more because a large group will stress the goats.  $450 pesos per person.

Meet at designated point 10:30 AM (usually Walmart bus stop) Car pool together to Mezcala


First, have breakfast. Which includes Fruits, Grains, goat milk and a selection of goat yogurt etc.

Wash hands; get ready for the tour of farm.

Feed goats and learn about goats and the history of the farm.

Take goats for a walk around farm.

The goat farm is high in the mountains with a beautiful view of the Lake Chapala.

Have lunch, which includes bread and different goat cheeses, jams and wine.

See petroglyph found on property.

Prepare for ride home, total visit from Ajijic and back about 4 hours.


To attend please book well in advance, phone 3311479903 or email Ventas@galodeallende.com

Juan Diego and Laura Allera we thank you for buying our goat products



Now at the Bingolago on Tuesdays 1pm maria Isabel restaurant.  One of the new progressive bingo blackout prizes will be a goat farm tour for up to 8 persons.



goat cheeses tour breakfast.jpg

feeding goats.jpg

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Goat milk has more vitamins and minerals than cow's cheese.

Gal de Allende goats eat Moringa leaves.

Goats are easier on the earth.

Goat milk is easier to digest.
Goat milk has less lactose and fat globules are easier to digest because they contain a higher proportion of short and medium-chain fatty acids.

They are milk-making machines.

Juan Diego and Laura treat their goats more humanely. 
Generally, goat farms tend to be smaller and more ethical than big dairy operations.

Goats are nature's little firefighters.

Goat milk has fewer calories than cow's cheese.

Goats are fed organic and GMO free food.

Less food miles.

Refers to the distance over which a food item travels from producer to consumer.

Less allergenic.

More alkaline forming.

Goat milk is a superior source of the very important mineral, potassium and less protein and fat This extensive amount of potassium in goat milk when consumed is alkaline-forming and very useful for maintaining a good alkaline pH level in a healthy body, thereby preventing diseases

Goat products will help boost immunity.

Goat’s milk is also a very good source of selenium, containing 27% more of this essential mineral than cow’s milk.


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