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We just received the annual email from them yesterday:

Dear Clients and Friends:

Happy Tax Season!  We hope you have had a wonderful holiday season.


First the three most important updates and then more detailed information below.

  1.  After six tax seasons together and Marian’s more than 12 tax seasons working in Mexico she has decided to fully retire this year and not come back down to work busy season.  We wish her all the best with this new stage in her life.
  2. We have implemented a new high security file sharing system that is quite easy to use but with 264 bit bank level security.  We require all clients when sending or receiving sensitive documents to use this system.  The system is called “CITRIX SHARE FILE”.  If you need to send us something confidential please request a secure link from us via email first.  DO NOT SIMPLY ATTACH SENSITIVE DOCUMENTS TO YOUR EMAIL AS IN THE PAST.
  3. Most importantly for all of our returning clients, if you know you won’t meet the March 15th deadline for Partnership or S Corp filings please request an extension, for those of you that won’t be able to meet the personal filing deadline on April 16th, please request an extension.

The IRS is opening electronic filing on January 29th this year. 

TAX CUTS AND JOBS ACT 2017 – this new law will take effect starting with the 2018 tax year.  It is over 500 pages however we are attaching a 15 page summary document to this email with the new tax brackets and basic changes that will impact most of you.  In general it is good news for taxpayers although the full impact will depend on your particular (income / family / deduction) details as to whether it will leave you worse off, the same or better off from a tax perspective. We are still digesting the details and will provide further updates specific to expats as the year progresses.


  1.  TAX DEADLINES 2017:
    1. FBAR will be due April 16th same as tax return
    2. LLCs will be due March 15th (same as S Corps)
    3. C Corps will be due April 16th.
    4. Don’t forget state filings like Delaware C Corps (March 1) and Texas franchise tax filings ( May 15) can be due at various times
  2. ACA (NO US HEALTH INSURANCE) Penalties for individuals still apply for 2017, they go away for 2018. If you are on Medicare, have foreign health insurance or live full time outside the United States NO PENALTIES.
  3. FOREIGN MUTUAL FUND INVESTMENTS – remember if you own foreign mutual fund type investments you have special higher taxes and compliance requirements per form 8621.
  4. IDENTITY THEFT: The IRS form to report ID theft or suspected ID theft is 14039 please submit to the IRS if you fear your information has been compromised.  www.irs.gov

For Local Lakeside Clients:

Chapala Lakeside office hours 9am-5pm Monday – Friday. February 1st – April 30th. Scott will be there Monday through Thursday each week with Andrea covering Fridays for pick-ups and deliveries of documents.

Guadalajara Clients:

Scott will have appointments available in his Zapopan home office on Fridays and Saturdays.


Please remember that if you own shares in a foreign corporation or foreign partnership or foreign trust you may have special reporting requirements that if missed subject you to large automatic penalties and fines. Please advise us if you think any of these may impact you.


We look forward to working with all of you again this year!

If you would like to be removed from our mailing list or remove a specific email address, please respond to this e-mail with “DELETE” in the subject line.


Scott Graville, EA

Taxes in Mexico, Inc.

Taxes in Mexico, Inc.
Mexico phone: [011-52-376] 765-5273
US Line: 720-226-0561
Fax (USA Line) 303-474-6460
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