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Urgent! Jerry Morse of the Doo Wops needs type O blood

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Posting For Information Only:

Blood Donation Requirements in Mexico

(Requirements in Mexico are different than in the United States and Canada.)

This list of donor requirements below are the basic requirements, medical professionals will discuss and evaluate each donor's medical history and activities in a confidential setting, prior to the blood donation. Donor eligibility criteria are intended to protect the health and safety of the donor and the patient receiving the transfusion.


  • Over 18 years old and maximum of 65 years old.
  • You should fast a minimum of 4 hours and no more than 8 hours.
  • No alcohol beverages for 48 hours prior to donation.
  • Minimum weight 50 kilos.
  • General good health (meaning the donor feels well and is able to perform normal activities without chronic conditions).

Do Not Donate Blood if You Have:

  • In the past month, have received any vaccinations, taken antibiotics and certain medications. Over 18 years old and maximum of 65 years old.
  • Have tattoos (unless you have had the tattoo more than five years). If this is the case, it will depend on the size and colors in the tattoo. The physician will decide if you are eligible to donate.
  • Have had any recent piercing (within the last year). The doctor will decide if you are eligible to donate.
  • Are pregnant, breast feeding or menstruating.
  • Have received a recent blood transfusion.
  • Have had a recent surgery (within the last year).
  • Have had sexual contact with more than three people in the past five years, or if you are male who has had sexual contact with another male. (Bi-sexual, homosexual).
  • Have AIDS or a positive HIV test, Hepatitis, or Syphilis
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I'm with you Mainecoon. I think I would have lied to donate, but I definitely would not look 65, although I'm in excellent A1 health. All though just having surgery and a great lost of blood I decided now was not a good time for me to be the friend to Jerry that I would like to have been at his time of need. Can't wait for more of his and the group to keep on keeping on with that good ole music that I love. Best wishes for a quick recovery and get back on the stage. We are waiting. HEAR!!!    

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Jerry Morse needs more blood.  They’ll take any type at this point.  Any type O is better but they’ll take any blood at the hospital blood bank at Hospital Terranova for him.   You must be under age 65, no medication, not sick and fast for 5 hours.   Please let me know if you donate so that I can keep track.  I had to call the hospital yesterday and make them find the blood already donated for him, which they did and gave it to him.    Be sure to donate it in his name Jerry Morse.

Josh Neighbor, my son, will be leaving around 10 a.m. to go and donate blood, if you need a ride, he can give you a ride and take up to 4 passengers.   His cell number is 331-266-3289

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