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Why is it so expensive to fly to Barcelona Spain from Mexico?


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It is like $500-600 more per person to fly to Barcelona from Mexico City than it is from DFW.  Would love to avoid the U.S. when going to Spain but the fares are nutty.  What is up with that?  Has anyone found a way to fly to Spain from here without either going through the U.S. or paying through the nose?

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We are going to Madrid in May or June and I have  been checking flights from CDMX for months. The cheapest so far return has been about $775.00 US through Bogota Columbia and others through Paris, London,. Lisbon etc. About 18 hours and one plane change - not available at the moment. Direct is almost doublé that now. I use Cheap- O-Air usually but use other sites as well. They had direct flights before Christmas on certain dates for about $900 US but haven´t seen those for a few weeks. I think if we want to go amd return on specific dates we will probaby be paying about $1,100 to $1,200.00 US.

They had flights return from Miami to Madrid or Barcelona for under $300 US but to get from CDMX to Miami it wasn´t worth the extra  trouble and long layovers. Good Luck and if you score a deal PM me even if it is in March or April. We want to go for about 4 weeks and visit Portugal as well.

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Travelocity shows a flight Aeromexico and Lufthansa Gdl-Mex-Fra-Bcn for $1,144 (coach)while the American site also has a 2 stop (DFW & LHR) for  $1,291.

It can cost $400 just to get to Dallas roundtrip. Where are you looking at fares?


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35 minutes ago, Mainecoons said:

Yeah, tell me about the weather.  When good to go, when not?  I've heard summer is very hot.  How about December/January?


Never really too hot.august the hottest.dec/jan/feb nights  can be chilly 2 or 3 deg c.daytime around18/20c.

Occasional snow but only lasts hours.occasional rain but mostly sunny days.

September october or march to may best time. 

Worth trying to catch carnaval in sitges where i lived.30 mins in train south of bcn.

Small upmarket seaside town. Worth a nights stay at least.

Tourist bus in bcn is very good.taxis cheap and good metro.

Wine making (cava) towns close to montserrat worth spending a day.

Lots of great bars and testaurants try to avoid tourist traps around plaza catalunya and the ramblas.also pickpockets in this area as well.

Tibidabo has great views of the city especially by night.

Madrid good as well.further south granada, valencia worth a visit.

Am certain no direct flights from cdmx.



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