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My Daughter-in-law makes clothespin wreaths like in the picture below. She would like to send me one via UPS from the States, but I am not sure if there would be a problem. It is approx 12" in diameter so shouldn't be too heavy.
I have been told that there will be a tax charged that could amount to more than the price of the item, but don't know if that means being shipped by US mail or if it also includes UPS, DHL etc. 

 I have seen where people have ordered things from a company and had them shipped UPS, but has anyone had a package sent from a friend or family member?            

Thank you in advance for your help/suggestions.

clothespin wreath.jpg

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If this is any help to you, I need to have a lightweight package (4 scarves, 0.67 lb) sent from the States to Mexico City.  FedEx shipping price is $85USD--not for overnight, just standard shipping.  USPS Priority is $35USD.  That's not duty--or what you called tax.  That's just the shipping charge.

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3 hours ago, pappysmarket said:

Products made of wood are supposedly not allowed to be imported. Emphasis on 'supposedly".

I ordered colored art pencils from Amazon once and customs would not allow them into the country because of the wood. The whole order had to be sent back to Amazon in the United States.

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The big problem with wood is from Mexico to the US.. The US is fussy about it . I never had a problem with Mexico..but.. the cost of the freight is high and you pay duty  ..I just had some dishes sent to me from te States and it double the cost of the dishes..(between the freight and the duty) That was via Fed ex

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