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Hola Cedros :)


Pelo: Hair. Anywhere, any kind of hair.

Cabello: Head hair. (And corn hair)

Vello: Shorter than head hair present in other parts of the body.

Peluca: Wig

Peluquero: Hair dresser. Mostly used for men's hair dressers only. "Estilista" is a better and more common word at a unisex beauty salon.

Peluquería: Hairdresser's, again mostly for a men's only salon. "Estética", "Salón de belleza" or simply "salón" is used for a unisex beauty salon.

Peluque: It's not a word. (Not Spanish anyway)

I hope this helps :)

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Thanks Miriam. I got my hair cut today and I asked the barber why his place was called a Peluqueria. He didn't know and also didn't know what peluque meant. You have to wonder where that word came from.

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Pelaje = Fur, so there may have been some confusion or merging of the many related terms at some point. However, I think that Travis probably has the best choice, as Pelequero seems to indicate the person, while Peluquería designates the place.  It is similar, for example, with a Notario, the person, who works at the Notaria, the office.

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Peluche=stuffed animal
Pelón(a)=bald or very short hair, like a crew cut.  Colloquially, broke (no money)

Pelo comes from the Latin pilus, hair 
Cabello comes from the Latin capillus, hair of the head
Peluca comes from the French, perruque.  Peluquero comes from the French, parruchiere.


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