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Nothing is free in Mexico and pricing does not follow what the shaw website dictates. I have brought down many "boxes" in the past because there is a difference in price in Canada... and even the larger elliptical dish packed in towels in a suitcase.

Always, always ask the price in advance and in writing.

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Yes I suspect the price you see on the website is for a legitimate Canadian customer in Canada, not the bootleg price to an American in Mexico.

Pay the piper and be happy you have the channels you really want.

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We have used shaw for many years but ut went blank.. We have a 500 series receiver , it may bave been discontinued or fried in the last storm so we had to make the decision on what to do ..we went to telecable  for a few movies most of them are in Spanish but it is ok we are streaming via freeintertv.com and are looking to what to do next but we are leaving town for a while so we will figure it out when we come back..Meanwhile we get the news in English for my husband.

Lakesidestreaming told me the service need a download speed between 3 and 5 mgb/s to be satisfatory. We live in West Ajijic and with telmex  we got arouns 1Mgb/s so we discontinued telmex and went to Megacable  and get between 3 and 5 mgb/s

We had a Canadian address via a service to get shaw we did not share service but since there were questions wether the new shaw satellite would reach Mexico we waited to get a new receiver.. FOr the next few months we will be too busy to watch tv so the free streaming and the televable are fine..

It all depends on what you want.to get, there are options but  do not rush.. Right now we are finding out that our reduced service is plenty fine so we may go without any US or Canadian Channels to speak of..

Be aware that Shaw may or may not work long term so do not pay money ahead of time or be ready to lose it.



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bmh don't you mean Telecable? The last time I checked Megacable wasn't available lakeside.


For those who are using Telecable, remember that if you go to your SAP (secondary Audio Program)settings,  often the second or original language is English. Really many of the digital channels can be received in English., especially those which were originally in English.

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