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I know that many people have had their fill of charity events.  Operation Feed works hard to keep events at a minimum, but we have a need for support for the April 28th event.  Too many children in San Juan Cosala drop out of school very early ... for many reasons.  One big reason is that they fall behind in their studies and just can't keep up.  It's hard to go to school every day and feel stupid. Operation Feed is working on this problem.  We want our despensa families to keep their children in school.  So to make this possible, we want to provide a summer school program that will help our kids be ready for the next grade.  We need to hire Mexican teachers, provide a snack, and pay for some materials.  Our solution to the need for this money is to host a dinner on April 28th at Viva Mexico.  The funds will pay for the summer program for 50 kids.

Check out the photo of part of a page of the English workbook that our kids are supposed to be able to do in September of 9th grade.  You can see why we have to provide extra support.  And the photo of the young lady?  She hasn't been able to be in school for two years.  Her mom has been working at the berry farms; Itzel has had to stay home and ensure that the little children get to school and have their meals.  Through a grant Operation Feed and NCA received, we are going to get Itzel back into high school.  Her extended family will help ensure the little ones are cared for.  Itzel wants to be a teacher and is determined to make it.  But without a summer program, the two year gap in her education might make it very hard.

Please consider dragging yourself to one more event.  You will be helping our kids get an education and supporting Agustin and Viva Mexico.  

Tickets available at Diane Pearl's and Mia's.  Or you can contact me and I'll make sure we reserve your seats and table.

Carol Curtis


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