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Driving from Los Angeles to Chapala

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To avoid any issues with pets and hotels, don't stay in hotels. They are not supportive of pets. I have made your same trip several times with 3 large dogs. I don't mention them when checking in (no tels work if you arrive early with food but there are plenty of motels on the coast) and have never had a problem. If you don't speak Spanish (hopefully you're learning?) bring an app that supports translation in case of an emergency. I had a blowout driving North recently which left me facing 3 lanes of oncoming traffic on the side with no shoulder. Luckily the Federales drove by and called a tow truck for me while I waved traffic out of my lane. You never know and as a single woman it's best to prepare for eventualities. Have water and oil in your car and pre-program the numbers for emergency calls in each of the states you will pass through. My final bit of advice: remember Mexico is a big country and each region has value so don't get stuck in an English speaking area rut. Yeah, don't bother with the comments, to some it's a rut.

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We have stayed in hotels in that route.. You just have to convince the manager that they sleep in kennels rather than the bed. We always stop around 2 or 3 to give us plenty of time to find a place and to go for walks with the dogs after we get there..Speaking Spanish and having kennels is a plus..

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On 5/18/2019 at 8:43 PM, bmh said:

We drove from San Francisco with a pick up and a car 3 mastiffs and 2 cats in July. We took it very easy , stopped early so we could relax and walk the dogs in the evening. We stayed in the valley somewhere and then stayed in Tucson for 2 days leaving the ainmals in an air conditioned kennel .  Then crossed at Nogales and stayed n Guaymas the first night. We had kennels for the dogs and cats and it really helped us get hotel rooms.. From Guaymas we drove to Navajoa and then to Tepic and Ajijic. We took it easy and walked the dogs a lot late afternoon. The kennels helped us get rooms in the hotels. People were very scared of the dogs so they stayed away and it was fine but I think we would have had major problems f we had not brought the kennels with us. We never mentionned the cats as the dogs were enough  to have to negociate for.. The dogs stayed in kennels while in the room so that was no problems     but we had to negociate quite a bit to have the hotels lets us in with 3 mastiffs..I think it would have been really tough for us to find places without the kennels. We stopped early in the day so we had plenty of time to find a hotel that was close to areas where we could walk the dogs. We were asked for the dog certifcates at the border  but we had everytng n order so that was ok.. The cats were ever checked.

 I drove the car and my husband drove the pick up. I was never bothered by anyone but then I had 2 mastiffs with me and people were scared to death  of them so t was no problem. We left early in the day and stopped early so we could go for walks with the dogs and relax in the afternoon. We had no problems.

My advice with pets, stop erly and have kennels. We did not pay extra anywhere but we had to convince people  in several places tolet us stay, we stayed in nice places  no not tell motels and it worked out fine. We even stayed in the center in Tepic wit the 3 mastiffs..

Was this trip this past July?


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