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PSA: Upcoming Art Hess Dog Training Class

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In case you are interested and haven't heard, Art's next dog class is coming up April 2nd. Can't recommend highly enough for your little Miss or Mister Ill Mannered (doggies only  :rolleyes: ) Also, if you've ever been to one of Art's classes, remember you can return for free for retraining or a brush up.

I'll try to answer anything I can, but that would be mostly in the way of a recommendation. Call Art for class information.

Dog Class Outline
* Positive Dog Training - What - Why - How
* Set the Dog up to Succeed
* Get Attention - Maintain focus 
* Come - Sit - Down - Stay
* Learn the basics of Clicker Training
* Learn how to address the Big 3 Problems
                 - Stop the dog from jumping up
                 - My dog won't come when he's called
                 - Dog doesn't walk on a loose leash
 * How to have a Happy Well Mannered Dog
Where: Free Spirit Play Park  aka "the Dog Park" in San Antonio
  #166 Ramon Corona -  4 blocks west of the Plaza/Churchmountain side
When - 10:30 AM - 6 weeks - starting   April 2, 2017
Contact:  Art Hess              766-3580         http:// artthedogguy@yahoo.com


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