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Thanks to a member of our community, more deaths were averted!

On areas where families walk, and areas off of paths where both dogs and children explore.

The person who collected this suspicious item, had his dogs on leads.

You would not have thought this was poison, so everything is suspect.

Please collect, and bring to vet Luis, for him to turn into authorities.

Make sure to note where on the path you found this, and if you can, take a cell phone picture

of the items before disturbing them.

Unlikely items were collected (not meat), and brought to the vets office.  

Item was confirmed tainted with rat poison.

Hiking trails require extra precautions such as leashes and even more so those lightweight muzzles, for dogs are very fast with snatching up items.

Due to our posts, people are more aware, and are actually taking photos, carrying collection bags, and reporting in promptly.

This is not a temporary agenda that this person has, for poisoning animals.

This person(s) is addicted to the rush it gives him/her, and is not in control of emotions.  Much like an drug user, 

this person will keep going back for more.  They are helpless against their inclination to kill.  

This person thinks they are in charge, but they are not. They cannot stop.  

Please take precautions with your loved ones, pets and children (who both are curious and like to put items in 

their mouths) alike, on the streets and paths.  Please tell your neighbors who are Mexican, and have little children.

My dear friend is a photographer, and she has often noticed little children just picking up items on the path, 

sometimes examining/tasting an item.  Take care to inform those who are not reading this web board.


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