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I have traveled that route 67 several times over the years. Initially it was a pretty solitary trip but surely uneventful. These days there is much more traffic and the roads are pretty good. If I needed to come in or out in that area today I would do it without hesitation. There are no Pemex stations (nor anything else for that matter!) along the route so make sure you have plenty of fuel.

There are a couple of good motels in Presidio as well as Jimenez (newer one south part of Jimenez). The INM and car permit station in Ojinaga is right at the border and usually fairly quick to process. There IS a military checkpoint south of Ojinaga well down into Mexico (where 67 joins a cuota road to Chihuahua) but I always just get flagged through.


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We will be traveling to Chapala later this month from Tucson, Az.  I am very familiar with driving in Mexico as we lived in Chapala for eleven years.  Instead of going through Nogales we are considering Presido, Tx.  Has anybody done this after the latest post above?  What were the road conditions?  Did you spend the night somewhere or did you drive straight through?

Thanks in Advance!!

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Yes, I continue to use it as one way that I drive out of Mexico. My last time was last year but I recently 'sent' an acquaintance that way.... again driving out....  The road from Presidio to Camargo Chihuahua, where it joins cuota 45D going south, is still pretty much OK. It is a 2-lane road and sometimes the shoulders are not very wide BUT for the most part that road is straight as an arrow and does not have a ton of traffic. Be aware that there are NO gas stations between the border and Camargo so fill up. And for what it's worth the military post south of Ojinaga on 67 that I mentioned in the 2017 Post above is no longer there. 

HOWEVER, I question your considering this route from Tucson to Lake Chapala. It will be 2.5 hours and 200 miles farther to go that way rather than straight down 45D cuota from Nogales to the same Camargo... and then south. 

As far as where to stay for one night, that would depend on when/what time of the day you cross the border and what route you decide to actually use. 

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