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Telmex is installing fiber optic cable in the lower streets of Chapala Haciendas 1. The feed seems to be coming from the direction of Guadalajara, not Chapala. Definitely something to do with the new hotels under construction. Makes sense. The Chapala/Ajijic servers are overloaded, and business travellers expect good wi fi access.

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On a corner of our ranch bordering on the public highway in a little valley way east of Napa in California, an above ground fiber 'node' of some sort was installed 15 years ago by a utility during the dot com boom, not for our use, just part of the system design.  AFAIK, it is still dark, and even if it weren't, I doubt that we could tap it, and even if we could, it is still 500 mt to our house across an open field.  But I sincerely hope you guys end up with a fire hose to the curb. 

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I too would be interested to learn any specifics about the bandwidth currently available in CH.  My understanding is that fiber was installed in the vicinity as discussed, and that this resulted in the availability of 10Mb xDSL service provided by TelMex over their phone lines to CERTAIN parts of CH.  (I verified this myself in various ways earlier this year when I was visiting.)

However, initially, just after the fiber introduction, it was reported that not all streets of CH enjoyed the improvement in xDSL service, and I hope someone can briefly provide an update, mentioning any data-deprived zones within CH.  Thanks. 

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