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Money Transfer within Mexico


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Thank you for your concern.

Yes, Computer Guy. This is a "real friend" who emailed me with the details.

He lost his credit cards and Nexus card. Actually he and his wife wanted to know how to contact the

Canadian Embassy via phone using  a Magic Jack. Do you know how to dial a phone # via Magic Jack?

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As for money, what about a western union money transfer? at least they work on the weekends. here is a list: http://locations.westernunion.com/search/mexico/gto+/san+miguel+de+allende

Depends on where the Magic Jack # is located; some have a US #,  I pulled this from the Cdn Gov website; offices will be closed Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

From Canada dial: 011-52 + (Area Code) + Number
From Mexico dial: 01 + (Area Code) + Number

Telephone: (55) 5724.7900
Fax (Administration): (55) 5724.7980
Fax (Cultural): (55) 5724.7981
Fax (Political Relations): (55) 5724.7985
Email: mex@international.gc.ca

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