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Disappointed at El Ancla today.....


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Yup, they've changed.  Hubby and I went there for lunch today - looks like the wood fired grill is no longer in action.  Wasn't used for the two grilled items we ordered, for sure.  

No grilled calamari any longer.

Appetizer salad of "asparagus and "grilled" shrimp had 6 nce large shrimp but only 4 tiny pieces of asparagus.

Shrimp la Ancla had a nicely reduced brown sauce but was incredibly salty - my mouth is still puckering several hours later.

Nice pour of a sauvignon blanc.  Standard margarita.  Indifferent service.

Price: 395 pesos for 1 shrimp entree, 1 appetizer salad, 1 margarita, 1 glass  white wine and 1 iced tea (which we could never find anyone to refill)....

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