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THANKS! Operation Feed's Clothing Drive

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We just completed a great clothing drive for the people of San Juan Cosala.  Operation Feed, through the wonderful community support, was able to provide clothing to more than 300 people. So many happy faces who were grateful for sweaters and coats ... shoes and socks ... and some lovely general clothing items.  Through the work of Cheryl Kennedy, we were able to provide sanitary napkins and adult diapers to those who needed them.  As always, the children's clothes were the most prized of all.

As the holidays get closer and we all become so grateful for what we have, Operation Feed hopes that you will consider a small donation to help us feed the over 500 very poor residents of San Juan Cosala.  Many are senior citizens (who don't receive a pension or social security) and are suffering from diabetic complications and simple old age problems.  We are also helping families who have members suffering from cancer or liver/kidney failure.  Plus our single moms struggling to feed their children and keep them in school.  Donations can be made through our website via PayPal.  Or, even better is coming to Viva Mexico for a great meal and dropping some change into our Operation Feed can.

Thank you so much for supporting us.

Carol Curtis and all the Operation Feed volunteers










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