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Non compliant HDCP device


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Hi everyone,

I have a question for people that have a satellite system

a message sometimes appears on the TV screen and the video image goes blank and all I get is  audio.

I know that I can temporarily solve the problem by turning the satellite receiver off, but is there a permanent way to solve this HDCP non-compliant device ?

is this cause by the HDMI cable ?

Thank you for all of your knowledgeable inputs.


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HDCP is an anti-piracy protocol, and a standard that rarely works. When you see the message, as Mainecoons says, it is usually just a cable or device glitch. It means that, for example, when your DVD player comes on, it and the TV's comms have a quick barf. Turning one or the other off/on, switching inputs for a minute... usually will do away with it. So will waiting a few seconds, very often.

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