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This investigation is ongoing. Long overdue surveillance methods being introduced and put in place to continue to protect our community. All areas of our Lake Chapala community are at risk, until we state otherwise.

Please add these three phone numbers to your cell phone. 

Lina Doyle 33 1350 4122  and 108-0525 Lina speaks both English and Spanish

Chuni 33 1064 0814 (Chuni speaks some english)

Once in your cell phone,  if an animal is poisoned, even if you only view it while driving by,  you can call the two contacts, giving the location and info to the correct people. 

If you know of a pet poisoning please report using the following guidelines, rather than reporting to the web board where others shall speculate and gossip.

I REPEAT: DO NOT POST NEW CASES OF POISONING ON THIS WEB BOARD.  Instead contact Lina Doyle and Chuni.   Those involved with this effort will be updating this online community regularly.  Thank you.

For full reporting guidelines, refer to this link:


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Dear Moderator, because this is an important community service announcement regarding details g poisoning, we think it should remain on the Ajijic Chapala board.  It could be left here as well.  Far too many animals have already been poisoned...they died a horrible death.  More people read the Ajijic Chapala board than this, the animal one.  This person must be stopped and I think for the well being of our pets, the street dogs, and we humans, you could leave this announcement on the other board.  Many thanks.

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I initially gave this extra exposure by allowing threads in the general forum.  Now that everyone is on alert it is better to have these threads where they remain high on the page for an extended period rather than being crowded out by general topics.

I've also pinned several of the topics to make sure they remain highly visible until the killer or killers are caught.

Appreciate your input but I think we'll continue on with this arrangement for now.

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