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Annual "Thrill the World" rehearsals have begun! :)

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Want to participate in the largest flash mob dance in the history of the world? The rehearsals are every Wednesday from 5 PM to 7 PM and Saturday 1 PM to 3 PM at Exotica (in the back of El Jardin on the northeast corner of the Ajijic Plaza) until the BIG SHOW on October 29th at 5 PM. Don’t know squat about dancing?... no biggie... great leaders going to show it step-by-step... no experience necessary. Let’s make this the biggest Thriller Dance ever in Ajijic and the world... how about bringing a friend to the next practice... if everyone does that we’ll easily have the biggest and best performance ever! If you have any questions at all? Contact Val Jones or Dee Grant at ttwjalisco@gmail.com or go to Facebook and search TTWAjijic.

In honor of our late Queen, Elliott Joaquim, we are working hard to ensure her goal of 100+ Zombies this year.  Please come and join us for some fun, good exercise, meet some new people and be a part of this wonderful International Event. :)

Valerie :)


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