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Traveling to Ajijic from Arizona


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We came down a long time agao and had kennels which helped us a lot getting place. We got delayed at the border,got to San Carlos during a fishing festival, the town was full , it was Juy and hot , we had 3 mastiffs and 3 cats... We eneded up renting a room in someone´s hose and without the cages we would ot have gotten a place. Next day was Navajoa where we stayedin a hotel on the outskirts of town leaving town,, THey accepted pets as long as we did not sleep with them.. then next stop was Tepic where we stayed in town with all the pets , again kennels helped... We did not speak SPanish ..then Ajijic where we put the dogs in a kennel and stayed at the apartments that La Nueva Posada had or has accross the street from the main hotel for a week while we waited for out house to be available. 

We took it easy , did not drive at night and went for walks with the dogs late afternnon as it was hot..very hot.  I drove a car and my husband a pick up.

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We have made the trip from Green Valley to Lake Chapala a few times now. Very easy trip:-) Stay on the cuota the whole way:-) 

Get to the border crossing at Nogales about 1/2 hour after they open, so at 6:30-7:00 am and it should be an easy quick crossing. Note your mileage and you will see the aduana/banjercito building at 21 km mark. At that time of the morning it will be quick and very little if any wait. We had 3 cats and 2 dogs and did not want to drive more than 7 hours per day so they could get a break. Stopped at Navajoa the first night. Best Western and Hotel Navajoa Plaza both take pets and the Best Western has a restaurant. We have found a couple decent places to eat but it is not a restaurant mecca, that is for sure. Beds in both motels are Mexico firm meaning not soft and cozy. I do have to say that while I am not that comfortable while in bed my back does not hurt in the morning so there is that. We leave just after day break the next morning and stop in Mazatlan for the night. There are many pet friendly motel/hotels there as well as 
AirBnB's. We have stayed in a couple of different AirBnB's and one motel just off the cuota with pretty good access to the city for food, hotel El Descanso Inn through booking.com with A/C, pool and a small restaurant. Good for just the night and pretty reasonable cost. Next day it is straight to Lake Chapala in about 5-6 hours depending on stops for pets and driving breaks

Tolls add up to between $25-30 US. Lots of bathroom stop options but to be safe bring extra TP. Happy to answer any specific questions about the drive you may have:-) 

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On 9/10/2016 at 7:17 PM, hensley said:

We use the Mariposa crossing also.

Hi Hensley, I tried to PM you but it said you cannot receive messages.  Our friends are coming also from Oregon and I would be so grateful if we could get your instructions also and I will forward to them.

boswelltb@yahoo.com     Thank you so very much









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