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TODO BUENO thrift shop first day open Aug 1 2016, 3000 pieces brand new clothing

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TODO BUENO thrift shop will open for first day Aug 1 2016 10 AM

next to S AND S auto, the four blues doors, They have the first door on the right, mountain side of the street. Riberas


3000 pieces of brand new clothing , bought in Unites states at auction, super low prices.

you will want to buy 6 to 10 pieces of clothing, should sell all clothing in 30 days or less at these prices.

plus lots of items for sale thta are on consigment

All profits go to charity

Have Hammers Carpentry school, which is next door , just moved last week.

st Andrews church has several deserving charities they give to each year about 10 of them.


please stop and bring four or more items to put on consignment.

large furniture needed, they have the space for sell furniture for you



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