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Recommendation: Dog Training

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Highly recommend Art Hess' next dog class that I just heard about. I take all my new dogs through Art's classes -  try to get them to stop laughing about who I think the boss is. :)

If you've already gone through Art's class, you can take your dog back for brush up or problem solving for free. I've taken advantage of this offer and swear by it. If I can give more info or referral, feel free to PM me or post here. Best source of info is Art at the number below.

Monday June 13
1 pm
Free Spirit Play Park  aka the Dog Park
#166 Ramon Corona  (4 blks. west of the Church and Plaza)
San Antonio Tlayacapan
5 weeks  Fee 600 pesos


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Plus a quick plug for basic obedience training for any dog - no matter how old. They make a much better canine companion when they understand what it is you want them to do. We are fortunate to have Art's class available.

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