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Mexican bingo and American bingo, bonus game Loteria two person will win dinner for 5

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Play american bingo and  bonus game Loteria, Mexican bingo learn Spanish and  two persons will win a dinner for 5 persons at Maria Isabel restaurant. value 500 pesos each

a mixture of cultures

 Every Tuesday 1 PM maria Isabel restaurant.

bingo cards go on sale 1 PM Bingo starts 1:30

Thank you Rosa Clark for the idea of incorporating loteria in with Have Hammer Will Travel A.C. bingo


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Years ago when it was still the Old Posada they were going to do bingo there and they shut them down and were going to fine them because they didn't have a casino license, so did you get one for this event? Because it would be fun if they allow it.

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hensley they are not giving cash prizes therefore they do not need a casino license. 

Have Hammers is asking local business, artists etc. to donate prizes and there are some very nice prizes!

I have been to the last 2 Bingo sessions and last night won a beautiful wall covering donated by J Barbery. Thank you Mr. Barbery|!!

The price to get in is $200 pesos and your cards and daubers are provided.

Maria Isabel's has Happy Hour from 1 to 6 for anyone who would like to have and alcoholic beverage.

Come, bring your friends, help save a great charity and have a good time!

And just so you know, I am not affiliated with them in any way. Just a newbie here who really had a nice time.

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 Hensley you are right that  it was. 10 years ago

Our city event license is the process of getting certified should have this week or next. but we do no cash, we do not have a federal license which cost millions of pesos.

it a long process to get the license.

prizes are won, which makes it legal

they did it for cash  10 years ago probably shut down by the Federales,

also the local casino in Ajijic back in 2010 played for cash and was shut and everyone was arrested for four hours, since they played for cash and did not have a federal license, to play for cash. They only had a city license. took them four months and being closed  to get federal license.

The city license give you the right to hold an event or open a business, but not play for cash.   

We understand the rules and , no cash, prizes only. we do not want the bingo's players arrested.



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