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Condition of the road north via Matehuala


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Hi everyone, 

this is the time of the year when some of us do like the birds and go back NOB

anything special new concerning the road from Ajijic to Nuevo Laredo via overnight

Las Palmas midway Inn at Matehuala


thank you!

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Friends stayed at Las Palmas twice in the last 60 days with their 2 dogs and it was fine--the usual. Yes, it's 50s but clean, quiet, and a full restaurant. They even played mini golf with staff (they are golf pros) to relax from the first leg. The road from Lakeside to the border is better than ever, even remarkably so, with some infrequent minor resurfacing/delays until you get to Monterrey (they're still working on those last few mlies by the windmills with lane closings)  and again when you reach the Tamaulipas state line (home to Nuevo Laredo but neither delayed us much--maybe 20 minutes total). As always, there are potholes on that last stretch and they don't seem to designate $ for road repair.

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