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Gathering Telmex Internet Speed Comparisons

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24 minutes ago, ComputerGuy said:

Normally your marks would be the other way around: generally speaking download is 10 times faster than upload.

Unless the poster means 19.7Kbps and 5.4 Mbps. If this poster is getting that as an upload, their upload speed is REALLY slow.

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At this point, the majority of the sampling shows decent speeds. Riberas definitely the best (who knows why?) People as far away as el Chante getting around 5, as is most of the area, with an increasing number getting up to 10. Chula Vista (all of it) showing the 2nd poorest, with 3 in a number of places, but also 5 in lower Ch. Vista. Ch. Haciendas and Brisas still the slowest, at 2 and under. SAT getting 5 and better almost across the board.

So, it stands to reason that those with neighbours getting better speeds probably have physical issues with their phone lines, or Internet settings on either or both their computer and modem.

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I didn't hear any dates for local, but I was told by tech support in Mexico that 200 would only be available in select areas in the largest of cities (no doubt where competition is tougher).

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I need more info for "down by the lake" in SAT. Perhaps you are just that much further away than others in SAT and on another box. In any case, these would be the steps. I don't know which customer you are, so unfortunately I can't tell you what I did at your place.

First, it is important to ensure that the computer is clean of Internet detritus and working as well as it can. Older computers and those with poorly-funcitoning Windows systems will automatically degrade Internet speeds, as will unnecessary anti-virus browser tools. For example, AVG, Avast and Avira all use tools that slow your browser down and can actually prevent some sites from working, when in fact they do absolutely nothing to prevent spyware attacks.

  • If a new modem gives you the same results as a previous modem, then the modem is working.
  • However, the parameters in the modem for signal/noise ratio may be incorrect, and can only be adjusted by Tech Support in Mexico City.
  • Calling them at 01-800-123-2222 is the best bet. Wade through the Spanish menu by clicking "1" on your phone until you get a real person, then ask for someone in English.
  • They can tell if you are able to be upgraded to VDSL from the basic ADSL. That is strictly a software upgrade. I can't see how they would do a huge chunk of SAT and not finish the job, but maybe it is a work in progress still.
  • They will do tests and ask questions. They will make adjustments on their end. If necessary, they will send a lineman to your neighbourhood to check physical problems.
  • They can also advise you if you need one of the newer new modems. I know a number of people have been receiving them without even being asked, because they are better suited to the new standards and already tweaked. (Uur local office tends to continue distributing the older, refurbished models whenever they can, denying that they have anything newer in stock... they must be on a quota system of some sort. Well, I got my newer one the first time probably a year ago, so horse-hockey to the local office staff. We did see an entire truckload of new modems being delivered to Telmex last week.)
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We live in Villa Nova and have the $599 package.  When we moved here in August speed was very slow, around 2 download.  After 2 or 3 visits by technicians it is now averaging around 5 download, when me or my housemate are not streaming anything.  Then is drops to between 4 and 3.  Do not care about uploads as frequently use.  I have heard that people inside Ajijic Village normally get around 10 download, which confirms what this post has found.

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Just now, Aquaponicsman said:

This is the new Telmex modem with the VOIP port and the USB port.

There are currently three new types: Huawei, Technicolor and Arcadyan (which is actually a Mexicon distributor of Huawei). They all have VOIP ports now, with no indication of support for that technology from Telmex.

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1.94 & .440 on speedtest

2. & .58 on okla

lower la floresta south of horse street

this suxx

i have the 599 package and always received about 5 & .8

last 2 or 3 months this much lower speed in spite of new modem and a new i5 computer

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On 3/25/2016 at 2:06 PM, tomgates said:

On Zaragoza in Ajijic, 4.96/0.63. I understand that after March 31, there is to be much faster packages, up to 200 Mbps. 

I asked about this at the Telmex store in Ajijic; they said those fast speeds (poster on wall) apply to some areas of Guadalajara. Nothing is changing Lakeside.

From our new location on Emiliano Zapata, the block behind El Barco:


(d: 11.05, u: .55)

(That was at 8:20p on a Sunday. I don't think it's always this good, though haven't been here long enough to know for sure. Will do a couple more tests at different times of day.)

Oh, and we have the $389 Telmex package. Modem new 2-3 weeks ago.

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13 hours ago, hensley said:

Upper Riberas above ORMA autoparts store.

$599 package

9.88 download

.78 upload

What is ping anyway?

Think of ping as a transactional speed. How much time does it take to talk to another computer and back to your computer.  .78 is not so hot but not unusual for here.  



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