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Gathering Telmex Internet Speed Comparisons

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For those wondering what kind of speeds people are getting since Telmex started doing serious upgrades here a few weeks ago, I'd like to collect some data. If you care to, go to this speedtest site and then post your findings here. That way we can all see which neighbourhoods are getting what kind of service quality. http://speedof.me

This site doesn't use Java or Flash, so nothing needs to be installed (speedtest.net most often still requires Java). Eventually if I get enough info, I'll prepare a chart or something for everyone.

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This is great work, people. Keep 'em coming. Some general observations:

- Los Salvias: very high at above 8 and 9

- el Chante out by Joco: close to 5

- Villa Nova: 6 and above

- SAT just south of the highway, better than 5

- Riberas, easterly, 10 and better

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