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Telcel plan - unlimited Mexico/USA/Canada


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1 hour ago, Zippy said:

I had the 100 peso plan when I was in Mexico and when I got back to Canada it worked for a short time and was able to phone people here but not to Mexico.  My question is if I go on the internet,while in Canada, and purchase the 150 or the 200 Sin Limites plans, would I be able to phone Mexico from Canada and also use this plan when living in Canada to phone everyone here.  If this works, I would kill my Canadian plan and use this Mexican plan.

I have been told that you can't do this- that when Telcel sees that your phone is in Canada or the US it won't recharge. But that is not necessarily true- you know how people often give out false info, and I have never personally tried it. The only way to know for sure is to ask at a Telcel office (and even then you sometimes get incorrect info).

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When I actually try to contact Telcel, I can never get anyone either on the phone or by texting that speaks English.  I might wait until my friend comes back from Mexico in about a week and he speaks Spanish, then he can phone or text for me.  All I know is that for about a week, until my time ran out, I could phone and text people in Canada when I was home but could not contact anyone in Mexico.  It is so hard to get straight answers from anyone in Mexico.  Thanks for your help so far.


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