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Senior Care Facilities

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I don't have a comprehensive list but we recently helped some friends look at options. Here is where they wound up -


Our friends have been there for several weeks now and are very happy & impressed. We visit almost every day and I agree that the place is really nice and very well run. Extremely attentive staff 24 hours a day.

Unfortunately I believe they are completely full right now but you might give the owner/manager (Delia) a call or drop by to take a look and to get more information on availability, pricing, etc.


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Does anyone have a list of senior care facilities locally that you could share with me for a friend? Thank you in advance.

Have have sent a list to your message box...places that are full to day can have vacancy's tomorrow!!!..and similar to rents at Lakeside, their cost are in USD per month..I am told that the home's in Guadalajara are in Pesos, but few have English speaking staff

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