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Requirements for realestate agent in Mexico or lakeside


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Depends on whether you work for a MLS agency or just free lance.

MLS agency....you have to join the association, pay inscription and dues, and have a work permit if you are an extranjero.

Both Mexicans and foreigners have to have/obtain a RFC number with Hacienda for personal taxes (ISR).

All this if you want to be legal.

Living here 25 years isn't much of a problem for Mexican citizens as probably half the agents at Lakeside are Mexican and almost 100% in Guadalajara. 25 years residency isn't a guarantee of knowledge or proficiency of any natonality, as real estate trsnsfers, banking, notarial procedures, taxing of gains, and other facets of the business change regularly. I can tell you anything you want to know about 25 years ago....not today. LOL.

If working in the business, try to gain, or if using someone in the business, look for, experience, knowledge, education, and expertise.

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