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I have friends considering moving lakeside and one of the questions they asked what the availability and cost of a personal trainer. I don't use one and did a search on this board on the subject. Looks like the last person to ask about it (in January) got no response at all. Can anyone help with the availability and approximate range of costs of personal trainers lakeside? Thanks.

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I have a great personal trainer. I did a little write up for her last year. River (Rio) Norella. http://www.chapala.com/webboard/index.php?showtopic=48314&hl=fitness

Very reasonable, knowledgeable and experienced... like over 20 years. Does house calls and will work around whatever equipment you have or don't have, in my case.

Most of the "trainers" at local gyms have no experience beyond their own fitness training. Most have no experience adapting routines to personal needs. The situation is very different than NOB, where you might assume that trainers are available. The gym in Chapala doesn't have an English speaker, if that is an issue for you.

Home phone 766-1411

cel: 331 177-0405 (leave message, teenager in charge of phone at the moment :) )

Edit: This cel number is current. The one in the post from last year is not good.

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There are a number of personal trainers here but only one that I know of who specializes in seniors. Seniors training is different than training you might have experienced in the past due to the necessity of avoiding injury. We train with Ron Krayewski at Super Senior Fitness. His facility in on the carratera in Ajijic. He offers group classes and private trainings as you wish. I highly recommend him and his facility. Contact him at 333 458 1980 for details and a consultation. He will be closed most of December as his daughter and fiance are visiting and getting married here. He will still make time to talk with you and set you up to start in January,

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Agreed, Ron at SuperSeniorFitness is an awesome and extremely knowledgable professional trainer. He offers some great group classes as well as one on one training. You'll never get bored in this gym, he keeps the routine fresh and exciting with a variety of different exercises to improve your fitness level, strength and balance. You can visit his website and contact him, he always responds promptly.

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Depending on what you friend is looking for, I can recommend Michaela Sirbu who trains out of her home with a pilates reformer and box. She also uses the foam roller and magic circle as well as other devices depending on the clients needs. She was trained at the original school started by Joseph Pilates in New York and operated a studio in Canada for over ten years. She's even trained Olympic athletes! She's extremely knowledgeable and adaptable to each persons body and limitations. I have used her lots over the past two years and have achieved tremendous results. She can be reached at 766-6003. Worth a call.

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On 11/24/2015 at 4:43 PM, Lexy said:

Are personal trainers sometimes the same as physical therapists?


No, physical therapists work on, typically, 1 specific injury/area. To improve that spots ability to move correctly. A personal trainer is more of the mainstreaming to normalcy and should consider the entire body. Both should have anatomy and physiology knowledge. 

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