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This is 1Charro reporting back 4 months later. I believe I may have started all this 'conflab'.

What started my problem with Sudbury Ont. office of CRA was a mistake by Dave Paterson on my 2018 taxes.

He apparently registered me as being Non-Resident; (what that all means I'm not sure and after all the confusion I don't even want to know), but a subsequent phone call to Sudbury 'May' have solved the dilema. At least that what I was told by a very helpful 'lady' there. Then 'low & behold', Mr Hamilton(?) in that very same office ,turned around and re-sent the bill for $2642+-.. I'm still awaiting a reply (by snail- mail) to my very 'snarky' answer to his lack of 'due-diligence'. The old story of the right hand not knowing.....

Sure a bunch of Grumpy old Canadians down here.

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