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Backyard Chicken Source?


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Nobody has mentioned the annual Expo Ganadera (stock show) going on in Guadalajara through Nov. 2, where you will probably find a good selection of barnyard birds for sale. Event is held at the Union Ganadera fairgrounds at the Glorieta Alamo, Tlaquepaque, on your right just after crossing the Lazaro Cardenas overpass as you head into the city from Chapala.

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Try these two sources. If you cannot get Black Austrolorps try for Jersey Giants. Also the Cara Blancas from Spain make a nice bird. Just avoid the bantams. The Cara Blancas have a white face mask larger than the Minorcas.



Good luck,


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I'm not familiar with Hope House or what they do. For me personally I prefer the meat of any dual purpose bird over a meat bird. Meat birds tend to just sit around and get fat for six to eight weeks until they are killed providing they don't die of a heart attack first which is very common with them.....the body grows so fast that the heart can not keep up with the rapid growth. Where as dual purpose birds love to forage for live food like worms and insects of all kinds and other things like mycelium from mushrooms and therefor are more active giving their meat much better muscle tone. The texture and flavour are superior with dual purpose birds under one year of age. But they earn their keep when fed all the yard waste and quickly scratch it up, mixing in dirt and fecal matter for a quickly decomposing natural fertiliser. Goes in garbage, comes out gold.

In case you didn't find your specialty birds, I've raised meat birds and they will behave like regular birds if given the chance. I only fed them twice a day and they did not grow too fast. They foraged and ran--well, lumbered--around and even flew several feet before their time was up. Not one developed ascites or leg problems, and the meat wasn't mushy. Given what I'd read about them being disgusting filthy lumps, I was surprised by how clean and delightful they were if allowed to be normal chickens. I hated to see them go, but they sure were delicious!

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