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Pepe has a Dalmatian that is recovering from a broken leg sustained in being hit by a car. She is ready to move on. About a year and a half old and a really good looking dog. Has not been neutered yet and that would make her a little more mellow. I say that because these dogs tend to be hard headed. Would not make a good family dog but for someone who would be willing to work with he she could be a good companion. As I viewed her in her cage at Pepe's she was very subdued and not barking up a storm as many tend to do. I think she is a winner to the right person.

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I would like to correct the above assertion that Dalmatians are "hard headed" and difficult dogs. Back in the days of 101 Dalmatians unscrupulous people need anything with a spot disregarding temperament this creating cute but high strung dogs which are not typical to the breed.

The Dalmatian is very smart and people oriented. They do need exercise and make great companions for active people.

I have had many breeds both pure and mixed. Now that I have a Dalmatian I wish I could go back in time and have had only Dals.

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