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Refill SodaStream CO2

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I've been using a guy in GDL the last year or so to refill my Soda Stream CO2 tanks but this last go around was a little rough. Took 3 trips to GDL to hook up with him and get them refilled. Lots of excuses!

So...with that said, I'm wondering if anyone has a local person who is re-filling the CO2 tanks.


Valerie :)

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If I bought another CO2 tank, I would be tempted to make draft beer again - not good for the waistline.

Soda Stream has been bought out by either Pepsico or Coca Cola, so they must have some big plans for this company. Selling healthier flavor syrups, refill cartridges and the like. Would be good for Mexico to wean them off their Coca Cola, Squirt and Pepsi addictions.

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Hi! Valerie, im looking for someone who can refill my sodastream in Guadalajara, Could you please tell me where does this guy is so I can take my tank? I know he is not the best but the Sodastream service is extremely slow and they wont give you any feedback of your order.


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Hi Joy,

I found a new guy, I'll see if I can find his card.  But, here's how to get to his taller.  Go to GDL on the Chapala-GDL Carretera, take Lazaro Cardeñas until you see the exit for Mercado de Abastos.  Sometimes the signs are hidden by the trees but it's before the golden arches.  Once you exit, you'll be on a lateral for just a moment.  Stay in your left lane and take a left at the traffic light.  Go under the Lazaro Cardeñas bridge and continue driving straight.  You'll pass through the very busy Mercado de Abastos.  As you're leaving the Mercado area (about 8 blocks), you'll see a small park on the left.  Take a left at the next traffic light.  Pass the park (now on your left) and take an immediate left onto a small one way street. You'll see his taller on your right.  There are other tanks and canisters generally lined up in front of his business.  He charges $100 pesos to re-fill the larger Soda Stream canister.  I usually take 3 at a time and return on my next GDL visit to pick them up.  I always keep 1 full so I'm never without. :)

OK, found his card.  ERGED is the name of his business, he's J.Eduardo Martinez Aguero.  Address is:  Bellota #1795 Local 27, GDL

His phone number is 333-563-4274 and his email is:  erged2002@yahoo.com.mx

Hope this helps and tell him Val & John from Ajijic say "hi."


Val  :)

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